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Our price reporting services present accurate and reliable price assessments as they are based on direct communication with market players and semi-annually revised WFM’s methodology. WFM offers accurate price discovery across 159 key active price benchmarks as well as current information for global fertilizer and raw material markets across the core products.

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WFM informational and analytical agency offers market intelligence for the CIS chemical industry and a wide range of chemical commodities.

Review of global and CIS NPK fertilizer markets

Review of global and CIS ammonium nitrate markets

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WFM provides its subscribers with unique comprehensive weekly reviews of Ammonia Urea UAN Ammonium nitrate CAN AS ASN DAP MAP NPK NP Phosphate feedstock Sulphur Sulphuric acid markets in CIS, Eastern Europe, Baltic, Balkans, North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Oceania.

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WFM provides subscribers with different kinds of statistical data as a part of weekly report: WFM. Phosphates&NPK ■ WFM. Nitrogen  WFM. Ammonia ■ WFM. Sulphur.  Each of four publications has Operative Statistics with the information updated weekly and Accumulative one with the data renewed monthly.


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12.08.2022Libya's LIFECO restarts ammonia and urea plantsThe Libya Fertilizer Company (LIFECO) reportedly resumed ammonia and...
11.08.2022Ammonia made east of Suez Canal goes west
11.08.2022Mitsui seems to buy ammonia in USAMitsui has reportedly purchased some 25,000 t of ammonia from CF...
10.08.2022Ma'aden starts commercial production at Ammonia 3Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Ma’aden, began commercial production at...
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12.08.2022Libya's LIFECO restarts ammonia and urea plantsThe Libya Fertilizer Company (LIFECO) reportedly resumed ammonia and...
12.08.2022Afer Bulgaria lifts AN value in Bulgaria
11.08.2022Chinese AS gets cheaperBuyers are mostly showing weak demand for crystalline capro AS in the...
11.08.2022Some Chinese urea available for exportExport availability is still limited in the Chinese urea market, with...
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12.08.2022Belarus loses share in ВКТThe Belarusian President announced that Belarus had lost its 30%...
11.08.2022US traders sell phosphates for shipment in next three monthsEarlier this week, August- and September-shipped DAP and MAP changed...
11.08.2022MAP prices tend downwards in LAMThe phosphate market has fallen sharply in Brazil this week as port...
11.08.2022Russian NPKs to go to India in SeptemberA mixed cargo of Russian NPK 10:26:26 and DAP has reportedly changed...
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09.08.2022Domestic sulphur prices fluctuate narrowly in ChinaSinopec’s Puguang, China’s largest sulphur maker, has left sulphur...
08.08.2022ADBA reports Volga-Don Canal sulphur freight trafficThe sulphur shipments in the waterways governed by the Azov-Don Basin...
04.08.2022ADNOC sets sulphur price for August
02.08.2022Sulphur prices keep softening in Chinese home marketSinopec’s Puguang, China’s largest sulphur maker with the estimated...
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12.08.2022Afer Bulgaria lifts AN value in Bulgaria
11.08.2022Eurochem offers MAP in Poland
11.08.2022Russian CAN rises in value in SlovakiaCAN demand is low in Slovakia. Local distributors are offering newly...
11.08.2022Drought hinders DAP trade in Romania
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Fertilizers 2023: Eastern Europe, Baltic States and Balkans




Fertilizers 2023: Eastern Europe, Baltic States and Balkans