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Our price reporting services present accurate and reliable price assessments as they are based on direct communication with market players and semi-annually revised WFM’s methodology. WFM offers accurate price discovery across 158 key active price benchmarks as well as current information for global fertilizer and raw material markets across the core products.

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WFM informational and analytical agency offers market intelligence for the CIS chemical industry and a wide range of chemical commodities.

Review of global and CIS NPK fertilizer markets

Review of global and CIS ammonium nitrate markets

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WFM provides its subscribers with unique comprehensive weekly reviews of Ammonia Urea UAN Ammonium nitrate CAN AS ASN DAP MAP NPK NP Phosphate feedstock Sulphur Sulphuric acid markets in CIS, Eastern Europe, Baltic, Balkans, North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Oceania.

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WFM provides subscribers with different kinds of statistical data as a part of weekly report: WFM. Phosphates&NPK ■ WFM. Nitrogen  WFM. Ammonia ■ WFM. Sulphur.  Each of four publications has Operative Statistics with the information updated weekly and Accumulative one with the data renewed monthly.


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21.02.2024Yara to get Brazilian ammonia
21.02.2024UK’s CF Fertilisers awaits couple of ammonia shipments
21.02.2024FACT tries to buy ammonia again
19.02.2024Deepak agrees long-term LNG supplies to new ammonia plant
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22.02.2024Ukrainian producers slash AN and CAN prices
22.02.2024Prices for Chinese compacted granular AS edge downThe Chinese AS market is more active than before the holidays....
22.02.2024Trade in Egyptian urea recovers somewhatUrea trade revived in the country early this week. On 18—20 February,...
22.02.2024Pupuk Indonesia invites urea bids againPupuk Indonesia has put around 25,000—30,000 t of bulk granular urea...
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22.02.2024Domestic phosphate demand stays healthy in China, new export policy yet to appearLocal demand for phosphates is great and phosphate output and stocks...
22.02.2024India’s RCF makes new request for phosphate purchase
22.02.2024Brazilian customers await Chinese phosphatesTrade in phosphates has been slow in Brazil this week. MAP...
22.02.2024Phosphates appreciate in USAThe US phosphate market has been moderately active this week. Traders...
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20.02.2024Sulphur prices ascend further in ChinaSinopec’s Puguang, the largest local sulphur maker with the estimated...
15.02.2024Motor Oil closes sales tenderMotor Oil has closed a tender to sell 5,000 t of sulphur for March...
15.02.2024Utilisation rates of US refineries keep decliningThe latest data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)...
13.02.2024Sulphur may leave USA for MexicoA company is looking for a vessel to ship 25,000 t of sulphur from...
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22.02.2024Landstar Capital and Azochim put AN quote up in Romania, Azomures sets prices for nitrates
21.02.2024Romania sees certain NPK price adjustments, imports arrive from Greece
21.02.2024Some sellers raise urea quotes, application continues in SlovakiaUrea demand has stayed moderate in the domestic market this week and...
21.02.2024Moroccan DAP/MAP and Kazakhstani MAP on offer in Baltic states
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