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Methods of price assessment of mineral fertilizers and raw materials for the global market

Prices are assessed of the data obtained from Friday (last week) through Thursday (current week) (before deals are closed at 04:00 PM Kiev time)

Information sources
Prices are based on survey of suppliers (traders, producers) and importers. Offers from suppliers and actual deals on certain payment basis are taken into account. Prices are in US dollars per metric tonne, except cases specified in the table.

Delivery time
Within 3-6 weeks from the date of price publication.

Price assessment methodology relevance
This methodology was last updated on 1 June 2020. Chem-Courier Information Agency (World Fertilizer Market) amends the price assessment methodology as needed to keep it relevant and market-driven. The editorial board revises the methodology at least semi-annually. The methodology, its separate items and the collected data can be put before the editorial board irrespective of the amendment schedule if the market conditions underlying quote change.

Data source reliability and independence
World Fertilizer Market (Chem-Courier) is an independent pricing information service provider. We cross-check each published quote by interviewing several unrelated sources. The Agency places the companies providing misleading information on the unreliable source list. World Fertilizer Market (Chem-Courier) staff is forbidden from dealing in any of the commodities its journals cover.

Information sources
The published pricing data is compiled through survey by phone and other means of communication.

Products specifications, contract basis and standard quantity of parcels