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ChemCourier. Synthetic Rubber Monthly

Product specifications
Chem-Courier’s quotes SBR and BR in the Eastern part of Europe and Russia.

Published monthly in the middle of each month.

Eastern Europe
Monthly Spot Prices

    · FCA Eastern Europe
    · E-SBR FCA Eastern Europe BR FCA
    · Eastern Europe S-SBR

Monthly Spot Prices by producers

All the synthetic rubber prices are publishing on FCA or EXW bases

General Information
Specification: The East European spot quotes cover non-oil grades emulsion grades 1500, 1502, 1507 and 1570. The monthly quotes are for oil-extended grades ESBR 1739, 1783 and 1789. The East European prices cover SSBR non-oil 1810 grade and such oil-extended grades as 2552, 3041 and 3323. Additionally, report includes freely negotiated prices for BR (Nd) grades 44, 63, as well as BR (Lithium) grade 50.
Timing: Cargoes loading or delivered two-six weeks forward from the date of publication.
Assessment basis:
The SBR price assessments are based on information gathered throughout the month from market participants comprising producers, consumers, traders and distributors. The assessment of prices take into consideration buy and sell indications, firm bids and offers, notional price discussions, reported and confirmed deals. In the event of lack of trades, the published price range represents the highest bids received and the lowest sell indications of the week.  
Standard cargo size: Typical volume sizes are 20-25 tonnes in Europe and 20-100 tonnes in Russia.
Terms: Typically 30-60 days after bill of loading date.

Market communication
Chem Courier communicates with a broad range of market participants — traders, brokers, back-office employees, supply managers, operations personnel and company executives – to obtain market information. Chem Courier communicates with participants by telephone, email, instant messenger and in person. All instant messenger, email communication and notes of any face-to-face communication are archived and details of telephone communication are logged and data-based. Chem Courier does not accept from unknown parties. Chem Courier treats all communication from market participants as confidential.

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